our service

At Diaper Stork, our goal is to make your baby parenting life as simple as possible, and do some good while we're at it. Whatever your reasons for choosing cloth, we want to help make cloth diapering accessible, convenient, and easy to stick with.

what is included

100% cotton prefolds

We are proud to use 100% unbleached Indian cotton twill prefolds in our diaper service. There's a reason these beauties are still around - they are the best!

While prefolds may seem intimidating at first glance, they are very simple to use. They are luxuriously soft, thick, and very absorbent, and it's a cinch to get a completely custom fit.

diaper pail

It's called The Original Diaper Pail. Nothing fancy, perfectly functional.

Every four weeks, we also deliver a citrus-scented deodorizing disk, which fits into a slot at the back of the diaper pail's lid.

reusable diaper pail liners

Fewer plastic bags, please! Our reusable diaper pail liners are waterproof, with a stretchy elastic band that keeps them from slipping down inside the diaper pail.

You'll take the pail liner filled with dirties out of the diaper pail and put it outside your front door. We'll swap it out for a fresh set of diapers in a clean pail liner. Hard part, done!

signing up

We will deliver your diaper pail and first set of diapers 1-2 weeks before your due date, or 1-2 weeks after your place your order if your baby is already here. If you'd like the diapers delivered before baby's arrival, we recommend you place your order for diaper service at least two weeks before your baby's due date.

When you sign up, you'll pay for the first month of service and a one-time setup fee of $35 ($70 for twins). The first month of service won't actually start until we pick up the first batch of dirties, or until one month after your due date if you have not activated service prior to that date.