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Please fill out the below fields to submit a change to your weekly service. Size changes and service additions will be made to your next delivery if received by 12 PM the business day prior (but charged on your next invoice). Removing options and lowering service level will take effect on your next billing cycle (1st of the month).

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Add More Diapers or Night Time Doublers?

Doublers are a smaller absorbency layer.
** if you have full service diapers, full service covers, and full service wipes then doublers are complimentary

Add NEST Disposable Diapers(see product)?

Nest diapers come in packs of 27 to 33 diapers depending on size. We will add a 5% discount off the retail price when adding this to your recurring service. These will be delivered the first week of the month.

How many packs per month?

Add Cover Service?

We provide the covers and we do the washing. Just throw them in the bin with your dirties.

Rent Diaper Covers?

We provide the covers, you do the washing.

How many covers?

Add or Cancel Cloth Wipes Service?

Add or Cancel Bamboo Nature Disposable Wipes (see product)?

Add Extra Pail or Pail Liner (blue bag)?

Each week you will receive an additional pail liner.

Anything else we need to know?

We will send you an email confirming your change.