gifting and registry

gifting service

When giving diaper service as a gift we always recommend purchasing a gift certificate with your preferred value instead of setting up service on the recipient's behalf. This way the recipient has the choice to use the value on service, rental, or retail. It is best that the service account be set up by the recipient (login and password) so that they have control to make future service and billing changes.

purchase gift certificate

Gift certificates can be emailed to the recipient. You can also email this to yourself and print or forward the email to the recipient. They are non-refundable.

sign up for service
on behalf of someone

When you sign up for service on behalf of someone else, the credit card on file will be automatically charged on a monthly basis until it is changed or service is cancelled. In addition, the recipient will need to have access to the account (login and password). You will need to provide the email, phone number and address to be used for service related communication.