Recycled Cloth Diapers Make the Best Rags!

As we remove used cloth diapers from our regular service rotation, we make them available for sale on our online store. From families starting out on their cloth diapering journey, to low waste and zero waste pros, used cloth diapers are a great gift idea for a wide variety of folks. Here are just a few of their many uses.

  • Household Cleaning: Used cloth diapers are perfect for cleaning tasks around the house. Whether you’re dusting, scrubbing, or polishing with them, their sturdiness and absorbency makes them far more durable (and reusable!) than paper towels and standard cleaning rags.
  • Staining Wood: Cloth diapers are a carpenter’s dream for wood staining. The absorbent material allows them to lock in the perfect amount of stain and distribute it evenly across wood surfaces. Woodworkers with and without kids know the power of cloth diapers!
  • Painting: Cloth diapers work great for painting projects. They’re more absorbent than paper towels and basic cloth rags, so they’re perfect for everything from spills to touchups.
  • Car Cleanup: Get rid of that pesky film on the inside of your windshield with a quick swipe from a used cloth diaper. Dust your dash and clean up food and drink spills too. Instead of a roll of paper towels, keep a stash of cloth diapers in your seat pocket or glovebox. They also work well for washing and waxing cars!
  • Steam Cleaning Floors: You can cut down or even completely eliminate the use of harmful spray cleaning products by combining a steam cleaner and used cloth diapers on your wood and tile floors. And unlike disposable covers, used cloth diapers can be washed and reused again and again.
  • Pet Training: If you’ve searched online and at pet stores, you know how expensive puppy pee pads can be! Disposable versions create needless waste, and washable ones can vary in quality and cost a pretty penny. If you’re training a new pet, cloth diapers are a great washable addition to your potty training plan.
  • Cloth Diapering At Home: Families who want to save on the startup cost and effort of cloth diapering at home will love our Used Prefold Infant Diapers. They are fully prepped, super absorbent, and non-stained diapers that can be folded around babies 8-15lbs, and pad-folded or used as pocket diaper inserts for babies over 15lbs.
  • Burp Cloths: Both non-stained and stained used cloth diapers make great burp cloths! The absorbency can’t be beat, and they can be rewashed time and time again as you cycle through baby’s laundry. For maximum coverage for caretakers’ shoulders, the stained diapers are also available in size Medium.
  • Potty Training & Elimination Communication: Families who are potty training or doing elimination communication will find pre-fold cloth diapers are a lifesaver. They can be placed beneath top hats and portable potties, and used to clean up misses and messes on the floor as little ones navigate their diaper free journeys.

Perfect for cleaning up painting messes.

Keep diaper rags in the car for spills and window washing.

Amazing absorbency for staining wood decks and furniture.

Visit the Diaper Stork Store to shop for used cloth diapers. However you end up using them, we’d love to hear about it on Facebook and Instagram!