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cloth + compostable diaper service in Washington

our service

At Diaper Stork, we’re committed to building a greener future by reducing waste one diaper at a time. We deliver a combination of cloth and plant-based disposable diapers each week to your door step. You leave out the used diapers, and we take care of the mess by professionally cleaning and composting dirty diapers.

products used in our service

Diaper Stork Cloth Diaper Service in Seattle

how it works

  • Your first delivery will be 1–2 weeks before your due date, or 1–2 weeks after you place your order if baby is already born.
  • When baby is born (or when you have started using the diapers), you will notify us.
  • Diaper Time! Put dirty diapers directly in the pail. No dumping or rinsing. Cloth and disposables go in the pail together.
  • On your delivery day, place the dirty diaper bag outside your door. Keep any clean diapers at home.
  • Our driver will swing by and swap out a clean bag of diapers for your dirties.

diaper size and quantity

We have 5 diaper sizes and 3 cover sizes that we offer from birth to potty training. The number of diapers you receive depends on your size and service level. It is easy to switch among our service levels to meet your family's changing needs. Cloth diapers are provided on a rotation system. You'll receive the number shown below for each of the first two weeks, and starting with the third week, you'll receive the number we picked up from the week before. Easy!
Cloth and Compostable Diaper Service in Seattle, by Diaper Stork

signing up for service

When you sign up, you'll pay for the first 4 weeks of service and a one-time setup fee. Your first 4 weeks won't start until we pick up the first batch of dirties, and we begin weekly deliveries to your house. Your service will automatically continue until you cancel. Feel free to sign up as far in advance as you'd like, but we need 2 weeks before initial delivery.

full cloth



cloth + disposable




$ 206/mo


what you will need

diaper covers

Covers are put over the cloth diapers to hold in place. They come in breathable, waterproof fabric called PUL, or natural wool fabric, and can be re-used multiple times until soiled. Your baby will go through three cover sizes in his or her diapering lifetime. You have three options:

Option 1: Cover Service
We provide 15 diaper covers per week (7 for half service) that you re-use until soiled, then throw in the pail with your dirties for us to wash. We start with newborn covers and size up as your baby grows.

Option 2: Cover Rental
We offer newborn size covers that have a cut-out for the umbilical cord and a tighter fit for those smaller babies. You'll wash these at home and return to us via your diaper pail when they no longer fit. Renting is a great way to avoid the upfront costs for covers that you use for a shorter time.

Option 3: Purchase
We recommend having between 4 and 6 covers at home. Over the baby's lifetime, you will need at least two different size covers. We sell used and new covers in our online store. Many families rent 4 to 6 newborn covers from us, and then use their own covers after the newborn phase.

Cloth Diaper Covers from Diaper Stork

baby wipes

We offer 100% cotton flannel wipes as an alternative to purchasing disposable wipes. You'll receive 90 wipes per week which can be thrown into your Diaper Pail with your dirty diapers. We recommend using Babybits solution in a spray bottle or a diaper warmer to wet the wipe prior to use.

Reusable Baby Wipes at Diaper Stork

wet bag

You'll use a wet bag when you're on the go for holding dirty diapers; it can fit into your tote bag.

Thirsties Wet Bag for Used Cloth Diapers at Diaper Stork

diaper closure

Snappis are the modern version of pins. These are optional, but good to have on hand as you discover your diapering preference.

Snappis Cloth Diaper Closure Pins at Diaper Stork

rash balm

It is good to have a cream or balm at home in the event that your baby develops some redness. Coconut oil is a great everyday preventive product.

Thirsties Booty Love Cloth Diaper Ointment at Diaper Stork

our service area

Diaper Stork Cloth Diaper Service Area

Diaper Stork currently serves customers in the Seattle metro area from Olympia to Everett and the East side. We love to provide families with an alternative to disposable diapers and will always be assessing cloth diaper service demand outside of these markets. If you live outside of this area, we offer our cloth diapering system for rent or purchase. If you live outside of this area but would like to use our diaper service, we would like to hear from you! Email us at [email protected].

Many of our customers live in apartment buildings, and we find that each situation is different. Ideally, we would have access to get inside the building (with a key or code) and swap the diapers outside your apartment main door. We can also leave diapers in the lobby or outside in a concealed spot. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your building.

why we are different?

We have a complete offering of sustainable diapering products for families who want the convenience of a service or the cost savings of washing at home.

  • Paving the way: We are dedicated to finding solutions to reduce as much diaper waste as possible in Washington- read about our compostable diaper project.

  • Our Footprint: Our main delivery van is ELECTRIC! We aim to eliminate as much waste as possible by using washable diaper bags instead of plastic bags for your weekly delivery, repurposing bags and boxes to reduce packaging waste.

  • Flexibility: We offer a mix of cloth diapers and disposables that suit your family needs when 100% cloth is not an option.

  • Broader mission: We provide free classes for infant and toddler potty training to encourage using fewer diapers and support your child's transition out of diapers.

  • Convenient shopping: We offer a variety of products from our online shop that can be added to your weekly delivery for no additional shipping charge.