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Weekly Cloth Diaper Service
Cloth Diaper Service

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Service Price: $137.00/month

price varies by service level and options

One-Time Fee: $40.00
weekly price: $34.25

Availability: Your first delivery will occur 1-2 weeks before your due date or 2 weeks after your order

Due or Birth Date*:

Service Level*:

Diaper Size*:
Newborn (4-10 lbs.)
Small (7-15 lbs.)
Medium (14-24 lbs.)
Large (19 to 30 lbs.)
X-Large (30-45 lbs.)

Cloth Wipes Service*:
90 cloth wipes/wk [Add $26.00/mo.]
58 cloth/32 disposable wipes/wk [Add $26.00/mo.]
128 disposable wipes/wk [Add $30.00/mo.]
64 disposable wipes/wk [Add $15.00/mo.]

Diaper Cover Service*:
15 covers/wk (full service) [Add $42.00/mo.]
7 covers/wk (half service) [Add $23.00/mo.]
6 covers (rent and wash at home) [Add $13.50/mo.]
No, I will buy covers and wash at home

About our weekly cloth diaper and combo service:
Using Diaper Stork's cloth diaper cleaning and delivery service couldn't be simpler!

We'll deliver a supply of 100% cotton prefold diapers in a diaper pail liner. Place the pail liner inside the provided diaper pail, and as the diapers are used, just toss them in! Once a week you'll put out the dirties and we'll swap them for a fresh set. If you sign up for combo service, you can throw your disposable diapers and wipes in the same pail.

Learn more about our service here and make sure you are within our service area before signing up.

Service level:
100% Cloth Service: Our most popular service level to start out with a newborn baby. We provide enough diapers for those committed to using cloth day and night. Diapers are provided on a rotation system. You'll receive the service level amount for the first two weeks, and starting with the third week you'll receive the number we picked up from the week before. Easy!

Combo Cloth + Disposable Service: We completely understand that sometimes full-time cloth diapering doesn't work for everyone, whether because of night time, child care, travel, or just being a family on the go! It is easy to switch to our combo service and add plant-based disposable diapers to your weekly deliveries. All diapering items purchased from us can go in the bin, no sorting! The disposable diapers will be included in our temporary compost service funded by a 2023 Re+ King County Solid Waste Division Grant.

Add on wipe service:
For an additional amount per month, sign up for cloth wipe service. For cloth wipes, you will need to make or purchase wipe solution that you can put in a spray bottle, or directly in a wipe warmer machine. We recommend Babybits which you can find in our shop. We also offer biodegradable disposable wipes so that all your diapering needs can be purchased in one place. All wipes that come from Diaper Stork can go into the bin with the dirty diapers.

Add on diaper cover service:
For an additional amount per month, sign up for our diaper cover service. We provide diaper covers that you re-use until soiled, then throw in the pail with your dirties for us to wash. We start with newborn Thirsties covers and size up as your baby grows.

Add on diaper cover rental:
We recommend that you use cover service or cover rental during the newborn phase since we have little newborn size covers that have a cut out for the umbilical cord and will make cloth diapering easier for you at the beginning. You will wash these at home. If you sign up for cover service, you should not sign up for cover rental.

Signing up for service:
When you sign up, you'll pay for the first 4 weeks of service and a one-time signup fee (your initial payment is non-refundable), which covers the first delivery and rental of a diaper pail and pail liner for the entire time you use our service. The first month of service won't start until we pick up the first batch of dirties, so feel free to sign up as far in advance as you would like (but please try to give us at least two weeks!). After your first four weeks, you may adjust your service level and options prior to each billing cycle.

What you will need:
Diaper Covers (4 to 6): Unless you signed up for our cover rental or service, you will need to purchase diaper covers. These are put over the cloth diapers to hold them in place and act as a waterproof barrier. They come in breathable waterproof fabric called PUL or natural wool fabric and can be re-used multiple times until soiled. You will be responsible for washing your diaper covers. We offer a few of our favorite brands for purchase.

Diaper rash balm (optional): It is good to have a cloth diaper compatible cream or balm at home in the event that your baby develops some redness.
Wet Bag: transport your diapering products when on the go. This is also great for wet swimsuits and dirty clothes.
Diaper closures (optional): Snappis are the modern version of pins.

By signing up for service you are agreeing to our Diaper Service Manual. Your initial purchase of service is non-refundable.
If you still need more information about our service check out this page, or give us a call.

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