EnviroStars champion - how we got recognized!

This summer, we had the privilege of welcoming an intern from the Green Job Pathways Internship Program, operated by Seattle Good Business Network. While working for us part time, our intern, Kun, created a sustainability assessment, action plan, and a comprehensive report focused on water conservation and waste reduction strategies for our business. With his help we were recognized by EnviroStars as an EnviroStars champion. This award reflects our dedication to the planet as one of the most sustainable businesses in the region.

The Green Job Pathways program is designed for youth passionate about sustainability, offering them paid, educational experiences. Businesses that are chosen to be a part of this program are carefully screened and processed before being approved. Additionally all interns are hired and paid by the program which, as a small local business, has meant a lot to us. The interns are given a variety of tools to help them succeed on the job and prepare them for a successful future career path. Kun, for example, has access to ten mentors from diverse industries and various courses.

Thanks to Kun's final report, we discovered that Diaper Stork not only meets but excels in EnviroStars' criteria for wastewater and solid waste management. Additionally, we identified potential improvement areas. For example, Kun installed sink aerators – an effortless yet effective method to conserve water. After implementing these enhancements, we were proudly acknowledged by EnviroStars as an 'EnviroStars Champion'.

EnviroStars is a green business program that helps and recognizes businesses for their efforts in environmental sustainability. Participating businesses are assessed and guided on how to reduce waste, conserve resources, and operate more sustainably. Businesses that achieve EnviroStars recognition have demonstrated significant environmental commitment through measures such as reducing waste and conserving resources, with the most successful businesses being awarded the EnviroStars Champion status.

Beyond his project contributions, Kun also helps us out with daily tasks, balancing this responsibility with his high school commitments. We're very grateful for this unique opportunity provided by the Seattle Good Business Network and Kun, a win-win program offering invaluable experience to Kun and support to our business.