diaper service manual

In using Diaper Stork's diaper service, you are agreeing to the terms described in this document, including the rental agreement and instructions for diaper care. The following terms are effective Oct 15th, 2021.

Rental Agreement

Your monthly diaper service subscription includes the rental of a diaper pail, diaper pail liners, cloth diapers, diaper covers (optional add-on) and cloth wipes (optional add-on). These items remain the property of Diaper Stork and are provided on a rental basis. Diapering products are only to be used for diapering a baby (not as burp cloths, cleaning rags, etc.). Your account is subject to the following charges for items not returned to us, stained or damaged from improper use: $25/diaper pail, $20/pail liner, $2/diaper, $12/ diaper cover and $0.25/wipe.


Please place your pail liner filled with dirties in your pickup location by 8:00 a.m. on your weekly delivery day (the diaper pail can stay inside). We'll send a reminder email and text each week. Due to potential theft or animals, do not leave your diapers out the night before. On your first and second delivery, you will receive the same amount of diapers as your service level (i.e. 90 for full service newborn). Each week after, we will deliver the amount we picked up the prior week. Every 4th delivery, we will include a citrus-scented deodorizing disk (unwrap and place into the slot at the back of your diaper pail lid). Let us know if you do not want to receive deodorizing disks.

Optional services:

Cloth wipes: You will receive 90 wipes on your first two deliveries, on the third delivery you will receive the amount we picked up the week prior.

Cover service: You will receive 15 (7 for half service) covers on your first two deliveries, on the third delivery you will receive the amount we picked up the week prior. Each cover should be used multiple times until soiled, at which point you will place in the diaper pail with your dirties. You can wipe clean between changes.

Cover rental: You will wash rental covers at home and return to us when they no longer fit.

Forgot to leave out dirties?
It happens! Our driver will knock on your door and text/call you just in case you are at home. We will still leave your clean diapers. Dirty diapers should not sit around for more than 1 week due to staining (we remove stained diapers from circulation). You will have the option to schedule a new pick up ($20 extra), drop off diapers at our facility (118 N 36th St, Seattle WA 98103), or throw them in your wash at home.

Making changes to your service

Log into your account on our website and fill out the Diaper Service Change form.

Diaper size: It's time to change if the diaper is leaking through or doesn't fit around baby. Changes will be made to your next delivery if received by 2 PM the day prior.
Adding more diapers: Changes will be made to your next delivery if received by 2 PM the day prior. Your account will be charged on your next billing cycle.
Reducing diapers: The amount of diapers will be adjusted in your future deliveries, and the price change will take effect on your next billing cycle (1st of the month).
Adding/ changing optional items: Cover service, cover rental, cloth wipe service, night time doublers, add extra pail or extra pail liner, add biodegradable diaper liners. Additions will be made to your next delivery if received by 2 PM the day prior. Removing options will take effect on your next billing cycle (1st of the month).

First Month of Service and Billing

Your first 4 weeks of service are non-refundable (you may transfer to a friend or pause for a later date). We will deliver your initial set of diapers 1 to 2 weeks before your due date. Your service starts on your first pick-up date. As soon as you start using your diapers, you must contact Diaper Stork to schedule your first pick up to ensure soiled diapers do not sit for more than a week unwashed. Recurring billing is on the 1st of each month. Depending on when you activate your service your first billing cycle will be pro-rated for the remaining weeks in the month. (For example, if you activated service on 4/15 your initial purchase is for service on 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6. On 5/1 you will be charged for 75% of service for the month of May). You have 4 weeks from your due date to activate service, each week after will incur a 7% of monthly service rental fee. You will receive an invoice on your first recurring billing asking you to set up an ACH Debit payment method for your monthly charges (we prefer this payment method to lower processing fees). If you do not set this up within 1 week, your credit card payment on file will be charged automatically on a monthly recurring basis.

Diaper care

Phase 1: 0-6 months

While your baby is being exclusively breast-fed or formula-fed, simply toss the dirty diaper into the lined diaper pail. No rinsing is needed. Please do not use the diapers as burp clothes, milk tends to create mold very quickly. Eek!

Phase 2: 6+ months

Once baby starts eating solid foods, you may plunk the pasty and/or solid poop into the toilet to reduce diaper pail odor. We can include flushable, biodegradable diaper liners in your deliveries if it makes this process easier for you. Request these on the Diaper Service Change form.

Diaper rash cream

The great news is that although many babies suffer from diaper rash from time to time, you will generally see fewer and less severe outbreaks when you cloth diaper your baby! In the event that your baby does have an outbreak or if you prefer to use a daily diaper balm, please do not use a cream that contains cod liver oil, petrolatum, or more than 14% zinc oxide as these can cause residue buildup over time, staining the diapers and reducing their absorption. Your account is subject to $2/diaper for damaged diapers.

See our FAQ for a list of cloth compatible rash creams.

How to fold our diapers

For newborns we recommend an angel wing or jelly roll to contain the runny poop. The cover should be snug. Check out our folding cheat sheet or videos here. The best fold for your little one will depend on your baby's gender, size and chunkiness.

Vacation/temporary service holds

Log into your account and fill out our Temporary Suspension form. You will receive a coupon credit to our online retail store for any weeks you do not use service (no pick-up or delivery) less a 7% of monthly invoice processing/rental fee if you notify us by 2 P.M. on the day prior to your delivery day. You will receive the coupon code to our online shop via email within 5 business days after monthly billing. Dirty diapers should not sit around for more than 1 week due to staining (we remove stained diapers from circulation). Please plan accordingly and contact us if you have a special circumstance. You have the option to wash diapers at home or on vacation (see diaper care instructions). For suspensions longer than 4 weeks, we will pick up the diapers and re-deliver them when you are ready to resume service. During this time you will not incur a rental fee.

Laundering of additional items

We are happy to launder anything we find stowed away in your diaper pail liner for a price of $2 each. The charge for these items will be added to your next billing. Diaper Stork is not responsible for lost or damaged articles. We do our best to return found items to their rightful owner, but this is not always possible - if you are missing something in particular that you believe may have found its way to us, please email us.


Please provide 1 week notice for cancellation. If you cancel prior to the end of your billing cycle, your account will be reimbursed for the weeks that you do not use less a $10 processing fee. Your final pick up counts as a visit. To avoid being billed in the next billing cycle, you must notify us before your last pick up day of the month. Your first month(s) of service paid up front via the website is non-refundable. To cancel service, fill out the cancellation form on you account page.