temporary suspension form

If you are going on vacation or need to suspend service for a period of time, please fill out the form below. We appreciate notice at least a week in advance!

You will receive a coupon credit to our online shop on the 5th of the month following your suspension date(s). Review the suspension guidelines below to be eligible for the credit.

  • Suspension credit is only applied when there is no pick up and no delivery.
  • Suspension form must be submitted by 12 PM on the business day prior to your delivery day.
  • Dirty diapers should not sit around for more than 1 week due to staining, please plan accordingly and contact us if you have a special circumstance. You have the option to wash diapers at home or on vacation (see diaper care instructions).
  • The coupon code can be used for retail purchases only.
  • How is the credit calculated?
  • For suspensions longer than 4 weeks, we will pick up the diapers and re-deliver them when you are ready to resume service. You will not be billed for the weeks that service is paused (pick up and redelivery count as service weeks).

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