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Baby Bits Box Wipe Solution
Baby Bits Box Wipe Solution

Our Price: $11.00


Baby Bits™ are a convenient and economical way to make your own natural wipes solution. All you have to do is add warm water. It’s that simple. Specifically, Baby Bits™ are small (baby) pieces (bits) of handmade soap used to create an all natural wipes solution that is designed to clean sensitive skin.

We recommend using a wipes warmer to make and store Baby Bits™ wipes solution. Just fill the wipes warmer with 3-4 cups of water and add 3 – 4 Baby Bits™ cubes. The cubes dissolve to make a sweet smelling cleansing solution. Use the solution to the last drop and repeat. TIP! We like to stack DRY clean wipes outside of the warmer and dip them into the solution as needed. NEVER double dip your wipes or your solution will get contaminated.
Use daily: at each diaper change, to wipe sticky fingers, face and hands, to freshen up on the go — just spray directly on your face, to clean skin on camping trips, day outings, BBQs and picnics, to soak in the tub — just dissolve one (1) Baby Bit cube in your bath water to create a mild, good-smelling cleanser

Includes: 40+ Baby Bits™ cubes. That’s enough cleansing solution to wet 1,000 re-usable wipes.