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Compostable Diaper Service (Pilot)
Compostable Diaper Service Pilot


Service Price: $137.00/month

price varies by qty of diapers and options

One-Time Fee: $40.00

Availability: Currently at capacity. Email us to get on the waiting list!

Due or Birth Date*:

Diaper Size*:
Newborn (4 - 9 lbs) - 128 every 2 wks
Small (8 - 17 lbs.) - 111 every 2 wks
Medium (14 - 24 lbs.) -90 every 2 wks
Large (19 - 30 lbs.) - 75 every 2 wks
X- Large (26 - 40 lbs) - 56 every 2 wks

Add biodegradable wipes (128 every 2 weeks) [Add $15.00/mo.]

About our compostable service:
Diaper Stork will deliver plant-based disposable diapers and baby wipes every 2 weeks and pick up your dirty diapers in the special biodegradable plastic bags delivered with your diapers. We will compost the dirty diapers in a Washington State facility. This temporary service is funded by a 2023 Re+ King County Solid Waste Division Grant.

Learn more about our compost pilot service here and make sure you are within our service area before signing up.

About our products:
The diapers we have selected are non-toxic plant based diapers that are built for performance + comfort. We chose these diapers because of their biodegradable content and like-minded company values based on transparency and aspiration for a healthier planet. Learn more about our selection of products here. Since there are currently NO commercial diapers available that are 100% compostable, a small portion of the diaper content would be removed as waste. We are using 100% compostable baby wipes and biodegradable bags as part of our service.

How it works:
  • We will deliver a diaper pail and first set of diapers 1–2 weeks before your due date, or 1–2 weeks after you place your order if baby is already born.
  • When baby is born (or when you are ready to start using the diapers), you will email us to initiate service.
  • You put dirty diapers and wipes directly in the bio bags and hold for 2 weeks.
  • On your delivery day, take the bags of dirties and place outside in the designated location by 8 am. Don't worry, we will send you email and text reminders!
  • Our driver will swing by and bring you new packs of diapers and wipes and pick up your dirties.

Signing up for service
When you sign up, you'll pay for the first 4 weeks of service and a one-time sign up fee. We will drop off your first batch of diapers and wait to hear from you when baby is born. If baby has already arrived, we will automatically schedule your first pick up for 2 weeks after your first drop off.

Changing diaper size and quantity:
You can adjust the diaper size and quantity of diapers any time after you sign up by going to your account change form. Your ongoing subscription price may vary.

What you will need:

Diaper rash balm (optional): It is good to have a cloth diaper compatible cream or balm at home in the event that your baby develops some redness.
Wet Bag: transport your diapering products when on the go. This is also great for wet swimsuits and dirty clothes.

By signing up for service you are agreeing to our composting diaper service manual. Your initial purchase of service is non-refundable. We ask that you stick with this service for at least 4 months to support our initiative. However, you may cancel anytime prior to the start of the next billing period. You will be automatically billed every 4 weeks after your first pick up.

Thirsties Deluxe Wet Bag Esembly Organic Rash Relief Cream Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm - 2 oz
Our Price: $18.50
Our Price: $13.00
Our Price: $12.99
Thirsties Wet Bag Esembly Organic Diaper Rash Relief Cream Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm - 2 oz