what a few of our amazing clients had to say...

This company has been a lifesaver! We really wanted to do cloth diapers but couldn't handle all the washing. They have been very helpful whenever we have a question, even helping us learn how to use the pre-folds for the first time. The pickup and delivery is friendly and always on time. I would highly recommend!
- Nika S.

Thank you so much for your great service over the past couple of years. Having somebody else do all the diaper laundry makes it so much easier (there's enough laundry already with babies!), and I love that we could just move up to the next diaper size when needed. I really appreciate that you use reusable pail liners, which fits so much more nicely with some of the reasons I use cloth diapers in the first place. You have also made it so easy to arrange for vacation schedules, and have been extremely prompt and helpful responding to any questions I had. I will recommend you to any future parents I know who want to use cloth diapers. Thanks again!

- Cristie B.

Your service has been reliable and of high quality. You're very responsive to emails when abnormalities arise in our schedule. I'm impressed to occasionally receive clean non-diaper laundry returned to us when it was accidentally submitted with our dirty bag. I hope we can find a diaper service as good as yours near our new home in Oregon.

- Gabriel A.

We have been so thoroughly pleased with your flexibility, responsiveness, and everything else about our experience working with you over the past 18 months, and will certainly recommend your services to our friends with babies and toddlers. And if our own family grows, renewing our service will be at the top of our to do list.

- Nicole B.

This is my first time using a diaper service and I feel like I hit the jackpot! Diaper Stork has been a wonderful company. What I love most, other than there reliable product, is how friendly and reachable to staff is, even down to the delivery driver. Anytime I email or call in with a question, I get an actual person on the phone or a prompt email reply. They are friendly and helpful. Their customer service is top notch! Given all the stress and squirrels that can come with a new baby, the last thing you want to worry about is your Diaper Service. Diaper Stork all the way!!

- Allyson L. via Yelp

Your Customer Service is excellent! I am really appreciative of the time Diaper Stork takes to answer all of my questions. When I first started the service I had lots of questions about the logistics of the Service and the person I spoke to on the phone was so helpful and patient with me! And you were also great when I changed my service from Full Time to Part Time. Diaper Stork has been really great; it's so great to have a company make the time for its customers!

- Jamie V.

We had an amazing experience with Diaper Stork!! They are responsive, helpful and understanding. I emailed with Jen a lot and always felt comfortable asking questions and tweaking our service to have the best experience for us. The diapers were clean, and the products they sell are amazing. It was also super easy to schedule different pick ups. Couldn't have asked for a better service-worth every penny and more!!

- Elise V. via Yelp

I have so valued Diaper Stork's quality product & excellent customer service. You all truly go above & beyond. I have highly recommended Diaper Stork & will continue to do so. Thanks for your great service!

- Eiledon M.

This diaper service is the way to go! We knew we wanted cloth diapers and started looking at services. Diaper Stork makes it so easy by picking up the bag of dirty diapers right from your doorstep and replacing it with a bag full of clean ones. Communication is quick and the weekly reminders are really helpful. I would recommend this service to anyone who is cloth diapering and looking for a service!

- Jessica W. via Yelp

Diaper Stork makes cloth diapering so easy! The service is reliable and very simple to use. The diapers are clean and plentiful. Initially I felt intimidated by cloth diapers, but I find that they are far more reliable than disposables - fewer leaks, comfortable for our little guy, and REALLY cute in the thirsties covers! The owner (Jen) answers any questions I have and is wonderfully encouraging to a new mom.

- Emma S. via Yelp

We couldn't be happier with the service at Diaper Stork. We've been cloth diapering through their service for nearly a year now, and they've been helpful and accommodating every step of the way. Cloth diapering was way easier than my wife expected, especially if you follow the advice of others here and use a disposable overnight.Excellent, personable service at Diaper Stork - couldn't recommend more highly!

- Lucas R. via Yelp

We've had a great experience with Diaper Stork over the last 1.5 years! We definitely plan on using your service again.

- Alison O.

You guys have been wonderful and I have recommended Diaper Stork to several people.

- Kathryn S.

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and level of responsiveness whenever I've emailed. We've had a great experience with your company and will continue to recommend you to friends.

- Natalie P.

Thank you so much for the amazing service the last 6 months! It has been a wonderful experience and I will be passing your info to anyone I know who is interested!

- Jen P.

I recommend Diaper Stork to all my new mom friends. It's a great service for cloth diaper delivery with great attention to service from Jen, the owner. We do the "Wash my stash" option (not sure if it's still available) and she and the company are very flexible with the items we use and very easy to communicate with, meaning I just have to make sure I put my dirties out twice a week and they take care of everything else. The diapers come back clean, fresh smelling, folded, and ready to use. I'm so glad we found this company.

- Michaela C. via Yelp

Can't tell you how much we loved having the diaper service our first 6 months - it definitely got us to a place where we could cloth diaper ourselves! I was so happy with Diaper Stork's service; and love that I was able to include wipes with our weekly diaper delivery! I know the service got us over the initial cloth diapering learning curve, and made it easy to continue on our own!

- Veronica M.

Your service has been wonderful. Thank you so much for providing this service. It has meant a lot to us to use cloth diapers with Clementine when she entered the world.

- Veronica W.

Thank you for all your wonderful service, it's been really great and we will definitely recommend you guys to anyone who's considering doing cloth.

- Julia S.

You guys are an excellent company and I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks.

- Natalie K.

You guys have been amazing! I would definitely refer you to others.

- Jesse G.

We'd wanted to do cloth diapers, but the laundry was daunting. This service makes it not only possible but easy, and for a good price! And the customer service is great!

- Shannon R. via Yelp

We decided before our daughter was born that we would use cloth diapers. I researched a few options and decided on Diaper Stork. Jen is easy to work with and quick to respond to our needs. I had some issues in the beginning with using the diapers and was ready to give up! I emailed Jen to ask for her feedback and she was very helpful with suggestions so we stuck with it and are glad we did. We love this service. Only negative feedback I would have is that the bin is sometimes too small for a week's worth of diapers but we just use a plastic bag for the extras.

- Christie V. via Yelp

We've had a great experience with Diaper Stork. The liners and delivery are great, and make using cloth diapers doable for my family. I loved being able to register for diaper service gift cards before my son was born. Also, the staff are super responsive to email requests and delivery adjustments.

- JF via Yelp

I used the competing diaper service for a few months, but eventually got frustrated with the constant billing problems and late deliveries. We then changed to diaper Stork and they really surpassed our expectations. They are friendly, reply quickly, and always let us know if service will be delayed or missed for a holiday (generally they still pick up on holidays, though). Ive been using their service for about 16 months, and it has been a pain free experience! a few times a baby article has accidentally ended up with our diapers, and they manage to always get it back to us! They are willing to adapt to our weird diaper location that requires stairs and locked gates and crappy parking. On top of that, I love knowing that I am supporting a local family business! I recommend them to every parent-to-be that I meet!

- Andie W. via Yelp

I love this diaper service. For approximately $30/week, we receive clean diaper cloths and cloth wipes sufficient to last us until next week's pickup and drop off. A diaper pail and liner is also provided by Diaper Stork and is included in set up. Each month, we receive a new freshener to add to the pail so that opening and closing the pail smells like perfume instead of dirty diapers. And as our baby grows, so do the diaper sizes. We just contact the office to let them know our baby has sized up and the following drop off will include larger size diapers. When I've had questions, I was able to call and get my issues resolved immediately. I have absolutely nothing to gripe about. Diaper Stork has been great. My husband was skeptical of the service before we had baby, and he loves it now!

- Amy B. via Yelp