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Cloth Diaper Service in Seattle, Provided by Diaper Stork

Classic cloth diaper service: we pick up and drop off to your house each week

Cloth Diaper Rental Service in Seattle, Provided by Diaper Stork

Rent or purchase your cloth diapers from us and save some money by washing at home

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Cloth Diaper Classes

Learn about diapering products, folding techniques and accessories needed for cloth diapering with a service or at home.

Elimination Communication/ Infant Potty Training

Learn to read you babies elimination cues and offer them an alternative to a diaper. One less poopy diaper bum to clean!

Toddler Potty Training(18 to 30 months)

18-30 months of age is the ideal age to complete daytime potty training using a kind, gentle, but methodical teaching process.

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Rash balm, sun care, and cloth wipe solution

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what people say about us

"This company has been a lifesaver! We really wanted to do cloth diapers but couldn't handle all the washing. They have been very helpful whenever we have a question, even helping us learn how to use the pre-folds for the first time. The pickup and delivery is friendly and always on time. I would highly recommend!"

By Nika S.

"What I love most, other than there reliable product, is how friendly and reachable to staff is, even down to the delivery driver. Anytime I email or call in with a question, I get an actual person on the phone or a prompt email reply. They are friendly and helpful. Their customer service is top notch! Given all the stress and squirrels that can come with a new baby, the last thing you want to worry about is your Diaper Service. Diaper Stork all the way!!"

By Allyson L. via Yelp

"I've really appreciated being able to rent all-in-one and pocket diapers from you over the last several months! It's been a great way to get comfortable with no-fuss cloth diapering. And the start-up package with the baby bits, diaper cream, etc. really helped kick start us.

By Eberley

our philosophy

Diaper Stork is a mom owned cloth diaper service and boutique serving the greater Seattle metro area enabling parents to make sustainable choices for their babies and their communities. We understand that cloth diapering is not as easy as disposable diapers, but the future of our children and our environment encourage us to make a better choice. Disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfills, and represent about 3% of solid waste in Seattle. Diaper Stork is here to help make that choice more convenient and worth the extra effort.

Sustainability: We believe in the reduce, reuse and sharing economy — this is our focus when considering adding new services and products.

Family-first: Our service is simple and convenient, so you can spend less time thinking about diapering and more time focused on your little ones.

Community: We’re here to answer your questions from day one through potty training. With classes, regular email updates and helpful resources.

latest blog post

Work in progress: making compostable diapers a sustainable choice for Seattle parents. Many eco-minded families choose cloth diapers because they help reduce household waste and carbon footprint. But could compostable diapers be a convenient alternative that offers the same environmental benefit? We recently shared an introduction to the status of diaper composting, and we’re back with an update on what Diaper Stork has learned in the past year of working on this issue.

Composting herbivore animal waste at the Woodland Park Zoo. How can we make it work for composting diapers?

our grant funded project

We have teamed up with Re-THINK green and Seattle Public Utilities to launch Ditch the Diapers, a project that saves families money, reduces trash going to landfills, and minimizes toddler meltdowns.