about us

Diaper Stork is a mom owned cloth diaper service and boutique serving the greater Seattle metro area enabling parents to make conscientious choices for their babies and their communities. We understand that cloth diapering is not as easy as disposable diapers, but the future of our children and our environment encourage us to make a better choice. Disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfills, and represent about 3% of solid waste in Seattle. Diaper Stork is here to help make that choice more convenient and worth the extra effort.

our values

Sustainability: We believe in the reduce, reuse and sharing economy — this is our focus when considering adding new services and products.

Family-first: Our service is simple and convenient, so you can spend less time thinking about diapering and more time focused on your little ones.

Community: We’re here to answer your questions from day one through potty training. With classes, regular email updates and helpful resources.

meet the team

Carrie - owner

Becoming a mom for me meant being faced with new decisions: natural birth or epidural, expensive organic cotton or not, pacifier or cry it out, making my own baby food or taking a nap … the list goes on. One choice that came easily for me was cloth diapering my daughter. Through my cloth diapering journey it got me curious as to why more parents weren’t doing it, especially since I know how much Seattlites consider sustainability one of their core values. So I started asking other parents about their diaper choice discovering that many people weren’t familiar with the modern version of the cloth diaper and the added convenience of a service. The seed was planted. How can I help make sustainable choices more mainstream? I have spent years in the corporate world but with the birth of my baby, I was ready to shift my time and energy to a career that aligned my interests in community and environmental sustainability. In Feb of 2018, shortly after my daughter learned to walk, I became the proud owner of Diaper Stork. With my background leading teams, improving processes, and scaling businesses, I felt confident I could expand this community and continue to offer family-first service and products. My goal is for parents to know they have options that are both good for the environment, good for their families and to help make that choice as convenient as possible.

Sarah - customer service and everything else

Sarah is passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and loves that her work not only helps new parents, but helps the planet. When she isn't taking your customer service calls or responding to emails, she is usually outside running or hiking.