guide to putting on a cloth diaper

With the number of times you're going to be changing baby's diaper each day, folding a cloth diaper will take no time at all to master.

we recommend three types of folds:

Jelly roll - This is the most challenging fold, but also the best one to contain newborn poop from spilling out the edges on to the diaper cover.
Angel wing - This is a common prefold style that is simple and fully covers baby.
Pad fold- As baby gets bigger, poop is solid and baby is more wiggly. This style fold is super easy and can even be stacked ahead of time.
Nap and Night time- Our fleece lined doublers add additional absorbency and keep baby's skin dry for longer stretches.

key steps to minimize leaking!

  • make sure the cover is really snug (around the belly and the legs)
  • fully tuck the cloth diaper (absorbent layer) into the cover (legs and back)
  • the diaper itself is the right size for absorbency

should I use a snappi?

A snappi (the modern version of safety pins) is extra work, but does hold the diaper in place to help prevent runny poop leaking from the edges and onto the diaper cover. A snug cover will also hold the diaper in place, but will likely be soiled faster. If you don't want the extra work of the snappi, you can just get a few more covers in your rotation.

Snappis cloth diaper fasteners

folding instructions

folding videos

Below are a couple of our favorite videos demonstrating the various folding techniques you can use with our diapers. Using one or more of these techniques will help you get the perfect fit and absorbency, no matter the size and shape of your baby.

using a doubler

A doubler can be used for added absorbency for night time and naps. Our doublers have a wick away fleece fabric atop an upcycled 100% cotton prefold, which helps keep baby dry. Fold your prefold as normal and place the doubler on top of the prefold, so that the fleece side is against baby's skin. If you add doublers to your service, you will receive 8 doublers in your first two deliveries after requesting they be added. Going forward you will receive the number counted the week prior. To add doublers, you can make changes to your account here.