Are you ready to join the Elimination Communication Challenge?

You’ve heard about EC and you want to try it. Taking infants to a sink or potty in response to their cues might sound crazy, but it also makes perfect sense, right? If they can tell you they are hungry, can’t they tell you that they have to pee? And what did parents do before Pampers gave them diapers?

This support group will help you regain the lost skill of pottying infants and babies. With a group of peers, experienced facilitators, and a discount on cloth diaper service, you’ll have everything you need to forge a closer relationship with your baby by responding to their pottying needs, either full-time or part-time.

If you have a baby born between July 1st and November 1st of this year, apply now to join the challenge!

This group is part of our Ditch the Diapers Zero Waste Initiative, sponsored by a Zero Waste Communities Matching Grant by Seattle Public Utilities. We want to get the word out about EC to help families struggling to afford diapers, and to make babies everywhere a little happier!

As a side benefit, we’ll make a dent in the 8,500 tons of diaper waste going to landfills each year.

Your stories, testimonials, photos and videos will make that possible! Apply here.

Benefits for You:
- monthly group meetings in Seattle with expert EC practitioners who also have experience in many other areas of post-partum support
- a supportive peer group of 10-12 other parents who are trying EC
- $40 OFF per month of cloth diaper service from Diaper Stork
- the chance to inspire other parents through your stories, photos and videos

The details:
- We’ll select 10-12 primary caregivers of babies born between July 1 – Nov. 1, 2019
- Monthly one-hour meetings will take place in Seattle from Oct. 2019 – July 2020
- Participants will try EC (full-time or part-time) with their infant and share with Diaper Stork their successes and struggles through surveys, testimonials, images and video

Apply by September 22nd to be part of the EC Challenge group, or stay tuned for details about other free classes and events in Seattle about EC and potty training.

Email us at to learn more.