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Bambo Dream Training Pants
Bambo Dream Training Pants

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Although we believe in cloth first, we know parents still have a need for disposable training pants, whether that is for day care, night time, or travel. Bambo Nature’s eco-friendly, disposable training pants are free of harmful chemicals, all known allergens and now the fluff pulp is made TCF (totally chlorine-free). These training pants feature a three-layer design with a super absorbent core that can stand up to multiple wettings—even overnight. Bambo Nature Training Pants have a fully breathable backsheet to keep delicate skin dry.

Size 4: 22 per bag
Size 5: 20 per bag
  • What’s In Our Diapers?
    Absorbent Core: Sustainably-sourced totally chlorine-free u wood pulp, and a very low percentage super absorbent polymer (SAP) that helps absorb wetness so the baby’s skin can stay dry.
    Absorbent Top Sheet: 100% plant-based cellulose ber developed to keep the skin dry.
    Soft Outer Cover: 100% plant-based ber that is as soft and breathable as reusable cloth diapers.
    Fasteners & Leg Cuffs: Polypropylene and elastic — the materials used are tested, safe and free of harmful chemical additives. These materials are not very degradable and should be removed for proper disposal. We are working on replacing these items with natural materials as soon as they are available.